Host a bridal or wedding shower the lovebirds will remember forever! Just leave the planning to us!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to your upcoming wedding event. We can host small (4-12) or large (100+) groups on an all inclusive culinary adventure. Call us today and let’s start planning a Private Tour for your next big moment!

Planning your wedding can be stressful. Leave the planning to us, so that you can sit back and enjoy the company of your family & friends!

An Indulge Idaho Private Tour experience is a great way to connect with all of the special guests who you’ve invited to your wedding. Treat your guests like VIPs as they sip & sample amazing food and drink at some of the city’s best restaurants.

  • We take care of everything in advance so that you can enjoy every moment with friends & family
  • Tour can be customized to your preferences (i.e. length, day, start time)
  • Guests are treated like VIPs
  • An expert Tour Leader will take care of everything during the event
  • A Private Tour is the perfect way to create new memories during a special time in your life
Option to customize key tour features such as start time, length, & location
Exclusive, VIP experience for you & your guests
Easily accommodate small and large groups (up to 100+ people)
Customize restaurant locations and add drink pairings

What to Expect

Guests will be directed to meet their Tour Leader at a designated location near the first tasting location. Upon arrival, each guest will be welcomed, checked-in and given a gift bag. Once everyone is checked in, the tour leader will help everyone get excited about the culinary adventure ahead with some fun introductions.

Some thereafter, the group (or groups) will be off to their first tasting location where they will begin to indulge in the amazing dishes selected by the chefs and drinks paired by the bartenders. On the way from tasting location to tasting location, the tour leader will point out public art, interesting architectural structures, and fascinating historical nuggets about the neighborhoods the group is strolling through.

Along the way, guests will get to engage with one another between laughs…and sips…and bites…and stories!

Guests from near & far will definitely have a memorable time!

Enjoy any of our experiences in a private group or corporate event setting or customize your experience!

This is an exclusive tour experience that is only available to you & your invited guests. Depending on the size of your group, guests may be broken into smaller groups to walk around with.

Tater Tour de Boise – Potatoes & Bicycle Food Tour

Experience a “spudtacular” adventure in Boise! Pedal through the city, indulging in mouthwatering potato dishes on our Tater Tour de Boise!

Capital City Culinary & Cultural Tour

Discover Idaho’s charming Capital City via a walking journey through the heartbeat of the city’s capitol district and historic neighborhoods

BoDo on the Greenbelt Savor and Sip Tour

A multi-course savor and sip progressive dining experience designed to highlight diverse local cuisine in Boise’s BoDo neighborhood

Downtown Boise Brunch & Arts Tour

Explore Downtown Boise, sample selections from award-winning chefs & learn about the culinary scene during this unique foodie experience.

Have questions? Here’s the most frequently asked.

Are beverages served on the tour?
Most Indulge Boise Food Tours include a drink tasting during the tour. If you sign up for the alcoholic beverage samples, you will be treated to a tasting of a specially crafted drink at 2-3 stops along the way. While water is provided at many stops along the tour, we suggest that you bring a bottled water to ensure you stay hydrated.
How much food will be served on the tour?
While it will vary depending on the tour experience, Indulge Boise Idaho Food Tours serve enough food that, for most participants, lunch/dinner afterwards is not necessary. Our intention is that, with the carefully crafted schedule of food and drink tastings, along with coordinated stops for architectural, cultural, and historical insight, most participants are comfortably full after our tours. Please understand that our food tours are not intended to replace breakfast and lunch combined, so please consider eating a light snack before the tour.
Are cameras allowed?
Yes! We absolutely love it when our tour attendees share their photos with their network and on our social media pages.
What is the best time, day or season to take a tour?
For local participants, any time is a great time to take an Indulge Idaho Food Tour. For visitors, we highly recommend taking our food tours at the beginning of your visit so you can allow plenty of time to revisit the places the tour includes and return to your favorite food tasting location (an opportunity to redeem your Tasting Location Coupons). Each tour has its own personality depending on the other participants, so we suggest you fit your schedule around a tour!!
Do your tours have anything to offer local residents?
We anticipate that the majority of Indulge Boise Food Tours attendees will be local residents. The premise behind our tours is to celebrate the culinary excellence found in Idaho's great cities, so that both locals and visitors can enjoy the best each city has to offer. Local residents participate in food tours to learn about the neighborhoods and the city in which they live as well as to take advantage of knowing the best specialty food store locations and local restaurants in the area. Participants will stay connected to the latest in the local dining scene because we always attempt to introduce you to the hidden gems in your backyard while providing you the unique opportunity to meet the chefs, restauranteurs, and industry experts. Many locals sign up for food tours when they have friends or family visiting from out of town or when celebrating a special occasion.

More FAQs

Private Food Tours for Bachelorette Parties, Bridal Showers and Wedding Parties Let’s Talk!

  • Food Tours are perfect for bridal showers and wedding parties
  • Break bread with friends/family and have a drink (or three)
  • Let us know your budget, timing and group goals today!

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Indulge food tour proved to be a fun way to learn more about the history, culture, and culinary options of downtown Boise. As host to a group visiting the city while spouses attended a conference, I appreciated this unique opportunity to get acquainted with one another…


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