How to Have The Best Valentine’s Day

The decade is off to an overwhelmingly exciting and exhausting start. The weather is erratic, work is piling up, and everyone I’ve spoken to is having a challenging week for one reason or another. We’re all working hard and pushing through February. That’s why I’m excited Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Valentine’s Day is a fantastic excuse to set aside work and plan a night out with your loved ones. For myself, as a recent college graduate, I’m limited to what options I have for a grand and romantic date night. If you’re like me and the traditional $200 steak dinner-for-two isn’t in your budget, we have some suggestions for you.

Invite your significant other, your friends, and anyone else who wants to tag along. We made a Valentine’s day roadmap for you with multiple destinations and recommendations that can be adjusted to fit any budget. Add or remove suggestions based on your time and money limitations. Plan to relax and indulge in great food with your favorite people.

Here’s how to have the best Valentine’s Day:

Start light.

Start your evening with good appetizers or small plates (we’re saving room for dessert). We recommend Bodovino or the Gas Lantern. Both venues have excellent drinks and delicious food that’s perfect for sharing. Split a cheese board, pour some wine and start clearing your mind.

If you’re a little hungrier and want a full dinner, try some budget-friendly options like Boise Fry Company or Calle 75 Street Tacos. Simple, savory food, no suit necessary.

Boise Fry Company

Find entertainment.

Now that your initial post-work hunger is satisfied, it’s time to find entertainment. We suggest The Flicks. This local movie venue is known for showing interesting and inspiring films not seen in big theaters. You’re guaranteed to pick a fantastic movie and gain great conversation topics for your friend group. View their showings here: The Flicks.

End with dessert.

You had a bite to eat, saw a great movie, and now it’s finally time for dessert. We recommend you end your night at The STIL. If you haven’t been here yet it’ll be the highlight of your night. They have an excellent selection of dairy, vegan, alcoholic, and non-alcoholic ice creams.

Each option is creamy and decadent, and the staff knows how to expertly pair your pick with great beer and wine. Split a flight pairing with your friends and experience a variety of flavors and combinations. You’ll be surprised by what you love.

Wine and ice cream flight from the STIL

And that’s your night! Stay downtown to experience the bars or head home to change into fuzzy socks and pajamas. You’ve experienced some of what Boise has to offer, you’ve recharged your energy, and you’ve spent a great night with your loved ones.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Boise!

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