Getting Ready to Indulge…Boise!

Bucktown & Wicker Park Neighborhoods in Chicago

As each minute goes by, we get moments closer to the launch of Indulge Boise Food Tours. We are growing more and more excited by the minute because we can’t wait to treat our guests to an amazing experience that will allow them to “Discover Boise’s Culinary Treasures” and historic interest.

In the midst of our efforts to build an amazing tour experience, we took a couple of days to visit with one of the best in the Food Tourism business, Shane Kost from Chicago Food Planet Food Tours. Shane has run his tour in Chicago for a decade & during that time has discovered the keys to creating a memorable experience for our tour guests. He know is sharing his profound knowledge with those of us who want to create a similar iconic experience in our local communities.

Lucky for us, we were able to attend Shane’s Food Tour Pros 2-day Seminar last week. The seminar was simply amazing! Over the course of the two days, we confirmed that we are on the right track & are more motivated than ever to launch our Historic Downtown Boise Food & Cultural Tour this Summer. There is so much history, scenery, and culinary excellence here in Boise that our Indulge Boise Food Tours promise to be chock full of some delicious fare & information.

A really special part of the experience was connecting with other entrepreneurs from around the world who are planning to launch their own food tours in the near future as well. Other tours from our classmates are expected to launch in Detroit, Reno, Kingsland Canada, Dallas, & Reno. There’s no doubt that the Food Tour Pros Class of 2016 is ready for great things.

It wasn’t all work & no play during our 2-day seminar. In fact, we were able to join a few other guests on the Chicago Food Planet Bucktown & Wicker Park Tour. Have you ever had a Chicago Dog? We hadn’t but this tour got started with a bang as we devoured a delectable Chicago Dog from George’s Hot Dogs. Other stops included: Hot Chocolate (OMG…that cup of hot chocolate & homemade marshmallow was incredible), Goddess & Grocer, Piece, Sultan’s Market, and Stan’s Donuts. Needless to say, we savored every bit as we indulged in a bit of Chicago cuisine & history.

As you’ll find during our tours in Boise, our Chicago neighborhood tour was enhanced by the detailed cultural & historical dialogue our tour guide Kent shared with us. It truly was an amazing experience…one which we hope to bring to you during your time with us.

A big shout-out to Shane & his team for coordinating a phenomenal, learning experience for those of us in the class. I could go on & on about our experience, but it’s time to get back to work.

Now that we’re back in the Treasure Valley, we can’t wait to continue building our tour experience. It’s going to be something special.

So all I can say is…Get Ready to INDULGE BOISE!

P.S. For those of you wondering what that Chicago Dog from George’s looked like…this picture is for you:

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