Entertainment From Food – We Are Indulge Idaho Food Tours

Indulge Boise Food Tours started in 2016, becoming the first Boise food and culinary tour company dedicated to helping visitors and Idaho residents enjoy the best food and cultural experience off the beaten path in the City of Trees. Idaho’s capital city has much to offer, including an incredible array of culinary artisans, skilled brewers and passionate wine makers.

Indulge Idaho is a family affair that was fostered as a result of growing up in the military, which has exposed us to places around the globe (including Spain, Greece, California, Arizona, and New York). It was those travel experiences that forged a closer bond between our family and Idaho.

Our love & appreciation for Idaho inspired us to create Idaho’s finest culinary walking tours that will be given in the most beautiful neighborhoods in the state’s iconic cities starting first with our signature Historic Downtown Boise Food & Cultural Tour (est. 2016) with more unique cultural & culinary experiences to come.

Family at the 2016 Fiesta Bowl proudly supporting the Stanford Cardinal!

Meet The Founder

Angela Taylor

Owner & Chief Indulge Officer

Angela Taylor founded Indulge Idaho Food Tours in 2015 and subsequently launched Indulge Boise Food Tours (the first culinary walking tour Idaho) during the Summer of 2016. Certified by Food Tour Pros, Angela serves as President and Chief Indulge Officer (CIO) and leads a team of over 15 talented people in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, McCall & Sun Valley.

A creative strategist & entrepreneur at heart, Angela  was an executive in the sports & entertainment industry for 20+ years and affectionately became known as “The Ambassador to Idaho” amongst her colleagues. Throughout her career in sports & entertainment, Angela traveled extensively and reveled in the culture, cuisine and history found in communities & neighborhoods around the world. Her travels reaffirmed her love for Idaho.

After launching several successful start-up ventures including a strategic marketing consultancy (NetWorks Sports Consulting), a non-profit foundation (The CHANCE Foundation), a life coaching practice (Tindall Avenue Coaching) and a leadership/professional development & CEO Consulting firm (The Dignitas Agency), Angela returned to her home state & happily founded Indulge Boise with her family.

Angela enjoys attending live sporting events (especially her beloved Stanford Cardinal & Boise State Broncos), traveling, board games, and her recent obsession with picking up the game of golf

Boise’s Best: Seasonal Dishes at Wild Root Cafe

Concoction of Choice: Marionberry Shake from Moon’s Kitchen

Vision for Indulge Tours: Locals & visitors can experience the best Idaho has to offer through our tour experiences


Find out more about the fabulous people and personalities who make our Indulge Boise tour experiences extraordinarily special.

Greg Taylor

Special Advisor – Marketing

Greg keeps God 1st, Now & Forever! In addition to his marketing savvy, Greg loves travel, science-fiction, comic books, making others laugh & the Dallas Cowboys. Laughter makes the world much better.


Gary Taylor

Special Advisor – Operations

Gary brings a wealth of operational & systems expertise. He enjoys building things, travel, golf and making his famous “Gary Burger” at Stanford Football tailgates.


Mowbray Brown

Group Sales Manager & Tour Leader

Mowbray uses his tourism & hospitality experience to help make meeting planners’ lives easier (and more fun). The avid biker & world traveler has roots in the gold rush & is a go-to for local history.


Lauren Branch

Tour Leader

Lauren is a photographer turned food blogger. She has always been a foodie, even before the word foodie became a huge craze. Her first job was in her family’s BBQ restaurant in North Carolina.

Adrean Cavener

Tour Leader

Adrean is a country kid from Eastern Idaho who landed in Boise via Washington, DC. I understand farm-to-table because she has worked for both the farm and the table & loves everything about Boise.

Anne Dixon

Tour Leader

Anne works to better people’s experiences through the practice of UX Design. She is also a graphic designer and photographer. Anne finds the emerging arts, music & food scene in Boise one of the best.

Michael Lamb

Tour Leader

A former college football player (Oregon State), Michael’s obsessed with all things sourdough. He makes his own bread…guilty pleasure is sourdough pizza. Shoutout to his mom for being a great cook!

Evangel McVicker

Tour Leader

Evangel is an avid food adventurer & coffee enthusiast who is always eager to discover new stories around the world. The Portlander was one of our 1st Tour Leaders & leads our Spanish language tours.

Sharon Neupert

Tour Leader

A mother to 3 teenagers (2 boys & an exchange student from Germany), Sharon loves to travel & cook (although not so much for teens). She enjoys sharing this beautiful city & its yummy eats with guests

Sarah Ober-Hicks

Tour Leader

Sarah brings an eclectic background in Marketing & Accounting to this role. A self-proclaimed foodie, Sarah looks forward to combining her love of food and tendency to post photos of her food online!

Ha Luong

Tour Leader

Ha is from Vietnam. You can always find her at Boise local coffee shops. Ha travels to eat, and she has an Instagram account dedicated all the food she tried. She also works for nonprofits in Boise.

Bob Park

Tour Leader

A retired USAF Colonel & combat aviator is a world traveler who has visited over 20 countries. The Idaho native is a Foodie at heart; love wine, all things Basque, powder skiing, and mountain biking.

Nancy Richardson

Tour Leader

Nancy has been working in the tourism industry and providing guided tours in Boise since 1989. In addition to her passion for Idaho History, she enjoys reading, music, theatre, movies, and cooking.

Taylor Robbins

Tour Leader

A self-proclaimed foodie, Taylor enjoys nothing more than sharing food experiences with friends. On weekends you can find her at the Famers Market, enjoying brunch or out hiking & exploring new places

Robin Shrier

Tour Leader

Robin is a big city girl and lover of adventure! She’s an international avid traveler and appreciates knowledge and authenticity in both tours and cuisine. She loves cooking up new dishes.

Alesha Urban

Operations Coordinator & Tour Leader

Alesha is a start-up enthusiast who is passionate about fitness and plant based foods. By combining her love for food and start-ups, Alesha has a lot to offer the up and coming food scene in Boise.


Dana Zoch

Tour Leader

The former Texan has been a theatre teacher and storyteller for 30 years. She loves good food, good wine, her log cabin home in the mountains and anything theatrical, historical or educational!

Dominic Zimmer

Co-Host, Treasure Valley Eats…and Treats!

Dominic and wife, Tara, are active Boise Realtor’s, avid foodies and co-founders of the video series Treasure Valley Eat’s and Treat’s. A project shining a light on Boise’s hot, local culinary scene.

Tara Zimmer

Co-Host, Treasure Valley Eats…and Treats!

Tara and husband, Dominic, are active Boise Realtor’s, avid foodies & co-founders of the video series Treasure Valley Eat’s and Treat’s. A project shining a light on Boise’s hot, local culinary scene.

Olive Mbulambo Shamakwete

Tour Leader

Olive is a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa, and she has been in Idaho since 2009. She has a deep passion for learning cool things about people, the places they’ve been, the foods they like to indulge in, and giving fun and entertaining tours.

Romel Montero

Operations Coordinator

Romel is a former seafarer and now a full-time virtual assistant from the Philippines. He is a culinary enthusiast and a seeker of adventure. He loves cooking new dishes, which he discovers from cooking shows, and likes to go hiking and play basketball in his free time.

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