2018 War of the Waffles A Gourmet Waffle Battle

1st Annual War of the Waffles: A Gourmet Waffle Battle

Behind the Scenes of this East Coast versus West Coast Gourmet Waffle Battle

The Treasure Valley Eats & Treats crew was on hand in the heart of Downtown Boise for the 1st Annual War of the Waffles as Boise’s Waffle Me Up battled with The Burdundian Waffles & Coffee from Providence! There were gourmet waffles galore!

“Making Waffles Great Again!” As we prepare for the official launch of Treasure Valley Eats…and Treats! with our first episode scheduled to be released in March, the crew headed down to Waffle Me Up yesterday to witness the 1st Annual War of the Waffles between Hector & Josie Garcia’s Waffle Me Up (representing Boise, ID & the #WestCoast) and Treasure Valley native Shane Matlock’s The Burgundian: Coffee and Waffles (representing Providence, RI & the #EastCoast). Check out all of the action and the ensuing gourmet waffle love in our behind the scenes video hosted by Dominic & Tara Oehlke Zimmer (Realtors, Dominic and Tara Zimmer Real Estate) and Angela Taylor (Owner & Chief Indulge Officer, Indulge Boise Tours).

We had a blast behind the scenes as the chefs started preparing these delicious culinary creations using fresh local & seasonal ingredients.

Our mouths were watering as we savored these beautiful dishes: Northwest Chicken Waffle, The Big S’More, the Coffee Milk Waffle, the Hashtag Waffle and more.

You can tell how much we enjoyed indulging in these amazing waffles. You can check out the amazing gourmet liege waffles for yourself at Waffle Me Up during an Indulge Boise tour. We stop by Waffle Me Up during our Historic Downtown Boise Food & Cultural Tour and during our Capital City Sunday Brunch Tour.

Stay tuned for more Treasure Valley Eats & Treats episodes coming this summer!

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